Shadows and Mirrors By Anita Pathik Law (Ani)


Am I brave enough to go into those places, I’ve come to avoid?

To move out of what’s seen, and into the void?

Do I trust the outcomes unknown?

Will I be present to what I am shown?

Do I feel the strength I will need,

or will my fears take the lead?

I must admit, that sometimes I fear,

the shadows within that begin to appear

I might try to stuff them, deny they are there

At times I feel hatred, at others, despair

Sometimes it’s shame, judgment, or blame

And there are even those moments I feel completely insane!

But when I am silent, and present to truth

I know they are serving me, helping me choose

Each time I pray, for strength and surrender

I remember my whole life is yet but a mirror

I no longer fight the wisdom they offer

As I listen more intently, they don’t have to holler

They are my teachers, villains no more

No longer parts of me hated, rather, adored

As I love them they heal and I find my way back

To the essence within, no longer attacked

And in renewed wholeness, I expand into love

Thanks to my shadows, and their tricky little shoves

And in moments of forgetting, when I’m tired or stretched

I find that I’m gentler, ‘cause they no longer are threats

to my progress, my safety, not even my peace

I now know their voices, whether loud or a tease

And I embrace them as children, no longer afraid,

of my shadows’ projections, threatening plans once best laid

I surrender instead to the wisdom beneath

And honor the lessons they now do bequeath

Me and my shadows, travel together as ONE

I can see how loving them may actually be fun

Lighter and whole, I expand towards the light

And my shadows feel loved, since I no longer fight

So I stand here in wholeness, complete once again

Returning to the place of my Original Intention


~Anita Pathik Law, January 26, 2011, Copyright © 2011, all rights reserved

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