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EMF is an abbreviation for Electro-magnetic Field. This is the field that surrounds all living things. The EMF Balancing Technique is an energy procedure designed to accelerate and the enormous potential for personal and spiritual growth that is now available to us. It is a practical and love-filled system of empowerment.

The energies of the EMF Balancing Technique are uniquely tuned to the energies of the UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice) and is currently the only established system of energy work that works directly on your UCL. The Universal Calibration Lattice. This is another energy system in the energy body. It extends from the central core of the human body to an area approximately two feet round the body in an oval shape. It is a network of interconnecting energy 'strands' formed of golden fibers of light. The UCL is also our personal doorway to the energy of the cosmic lattice (the energy of the Universe).

Whenever there is disharmony in a person's life, the energy lattice is affected, restricting the natural harmonious flow of life energy.

Why have an EMF session?  Rather than being designed to treat specific complaints, the EMF Balancing Technique serves to open that space of well being within you, where your body's own wisdom will direct healing on the necessary level. Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing is accommplished in four phases.


Phase 1: Wisdom & Emotions   This phase is the foundation of all the work to follow. In balancing the mind with the heart, it also releases stress and allows spontaneous feelings of wellbeing and joy to well up inside.


Phase 2: Self Direction and Support   This session gracefully releases the energy blockages created by old emotional issues and physical traumas. It enables your empowerment in all you do.


Phase 3: Being All of Who You  Are The radiating of core energy allows inner wisdom, your spiritual intelligence, to manifest more frequently in your daily life. Your balanced energy allows you to feel whole and calm, even during emotionally difficult events.


Phase 4: Energetic Accomplishment In this final balancing, your chosen future begins to manifest as present reality, in other words, you gain the ability to create your desired reality and realise your dreams.

The four phases must be done in sequence. EMF sessions consist of four graduating phases. Each phase opens the body and mind to higher frequencies of energy and light, and prepares you energetically for the next. Once you have experienced all four phases in order you may pick and choose from the phases to help strengthen your energy in specific ways. When a phase is repeated the potential for increased balance, increased awareness of self and increased confidence is greatly enhanced.

Quote from Lee Carroll, channel and author of KRYON and co-author of the best selling Indigo Children.

''The EMF Balancing Technique is a new energy system designed to accelerate the integration of Spirit and Biology so that you can increase your health and co-create the miracle you truly are''

Quote from Peggy Dubro - EMF Balancing Technique founder

''We are dedicated to creating spiritual leadership for the new millennium, knowing that each individual human has a 'piece' of the puzzle, their own unique connection to the Creative Source of all things. The basic premise of the work is that the practitioner, by following a series of graceful, tai chi-like movements, facilitates the evolutionary process of the client by allowing that person's wisdom to manifest in its own graceful way''.