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Inner Child


I feel a lot better now and I am so pleased that I did your classes and feel very grateful towards you for
all the work you do to help other people like myself and learn how to become 'themselves' and become
grounded and solid people. I am still on the healing journey but feel I have come an awfully long way from
where I started nine years ago when I first did your Louise Hay classes at Havering College. The fact that
I am now going to get the chance to help other people is a great testimony to everything I learnt from you.
I think what you do is brilliant.

Thank you for all your help.

With love and best wishes

I have found Daphne's work with Theta to be very beneficial to me.  By uncovering the negative belief patterns, buried in my subconscious and working to release them,  has helped me to understand where they have come from, and how long they have been there!

I have found it to be a cathartic experience, and I now feel free to push on with my personal growth,
as the blocks are no longer holding me back.




Theta healing is truly amazing. I have never come across a system that works so quickly and efficiently. I have found it extremely easy to work with Daphne on my limiting beliefs and the changes I have experienced have been almost instantaneous. I totally recommend Theta and wish I found out about this years ago.




Just a quick line to say that I will never forget the difference that you have made for my life. It took a little time to integrate it and I am continuing to do it but I would not have been able to do so had you not come into my life.

I have done SO many workshops and felt so much frustration because nothing changed. You made me see where I was going wrong. You also put me in touch with Alicia who has been a wonderful support and help to me.

Things are going well. I don't have what I want for my life yet but I KNOW I am getting there, and I am actually doing the things that I need to rather than wallowing in fear and self-pity.

I thank you a hundred times, a million times. God bless you because you should know that you are making a big difference for many people. With much love,

Karen x

Thank you so much Daphne... my life feels so amazing right now!!! and a lot of it is down to your workshops! I've been in some terrible relationships with ex boyfriends and I've finally learn't that I'm worth more than that, and learn't more self awareness to be real in the moment and listen to my subconscious, and learn't to listen to myself and how to let go of past fears that have caused hang ups.

Now I get as much love as I give and we have so much fun! Which is just amazing! I'm living my dreams in Australia.. living on a tropical island driving a beach buggy and have an amazing boyfriend who has asked my dad permission to marry me!

I've been studying the last year hospitality management doing a career change from IT back in the UK, so I can do my dream job as a quality manager to oversee my dream wedding business... the wedding business part is slowly making progress and I met Richard Branson last year and aiming to make further developments with him this year! So thank you!!!!! The workshops have certainly helped in my life!!!!

I remember sitting in your workshop and drawing my dream! (a tropical island, a beach buggy, a wedding gazebo!) But now I'm living it!!!!

with much love and admiration... keep up the great work Daphne 


Please accept my apologies for not being able to chat with you after ladies day especially as you had travelled so far to join us here at Ilford Sai Centre.

But could i take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to join us, from the atmosphere I could see that those who made the effort to attend actually gained alot by coming, but many of them cannot always find the right words to articulate how they have, and will continue, to benefit, not mentioning those who may have the good fortune to cross their path.

Sometimes it is only months later that we find out indirectly how we have touched people and what subtle difference we have made to their lives.

Thank you once again for making the time, and wishing you all a blissful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year.

with love and light

Brother Gurmail Ilford Sai Centre (Chair)

I just had to write too you to say a big THANK YOU, your workshop 'the secret' was a revelation that touched my life. I left feeling inspired and connected.

I know we will meet again, please send me details of your future workshops and the 'spiritual club' that you are in the process of setting up. I have much to do thanks to your workshop.

Lots of love and affection.


I thought that I would report back to you about the healing that I had, Well my stomach felt as though there was energy moving around it for a couple of days and it felt quite strange and I cannot quite explain what the feeling was like, well the upshot is I have not used the puffer for the “Bronchitis” since the healing and I have not needed to take the puffer for sleeping at night, I have had no wheezing at night and very little coughing either since the healing and it can keep that way as far as I am concerned, I am looking forward to the next healing session, keep up the good work and thank you very much. All the Very Best.


I trust this finds you well and i am happy to see you are still ushering souls toward the light!

I wanted to let you know that i got married earlier this year and we now live in California and we just had a little baby girl two weeks ago! She is gorgeous and healthy and eating well, thank god!

I wanted to thank you again for all the help and support you gave me during some difficult helped to move me to this place today!

with all our love Lauren, Dan and Arella!

Thank you so much for your CD - I received it yesterday and I have already listen to it.

Very good, interesting, reassuring, gentle and very effective for me. Your voice and accent helped alot, I have to say, really enjoyed listening to you speaking. What the CD showed me is that I am still dealing with a wounded child who needs healing care and attention.

I will keep checking your web site for courses and book according to how I am getting on.

Thank you again Daphney Warmest regards


I had a great time at the workshop yesterday, so wanted to thank you for a really enlightening day.

Please continue to update me on future events. I hope to attend more of your events in the future.

Many thanks and kind regards,


I ‘stumbled’ across your website through Holistic Local.

I just wanted to say I really resonated with much on your site and smiled at your description of anger emerging! I have had a very similar journey of discovery and seeing the child energies I have been playing out.

Your site has a lovely ‘clear’ feel about it.



Your article on Anger in the More To Life ezine 3 resonated so strongly with me that I felt drawn to contact you.

You are in England. I am in the US . Is there anyone over here you would recommend for releasing work? I really appreciate your responding with any suggestions you have.

With gratitude for your writing and your work, Best, Alexandra